Register Your Band on Popular Sites

The most gifted singers and songwriters are invisible to the world without a little help from the internet. Use the world wide web to your advantage by registering your band on popular sites like SoundCloud. These websites allow you to create a profile and showcase your music for everyone to hear. This will help you with displaying talent.

Create an Image

Everyone has something that makes them unique. It might be there look, their hobbies, their unique style, the type of music they create. Whatever that difference is, own it. There’s only one you, and the legends that everyone remembers never tried to be someone else. They tried to be the best version of themselves, while all others attempt to replicate them. Choose your image and brand yourself accordingly.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is here to stay. It’s something that becomes more popular by the day and will only continue to increase in the future as internet access becomes as common as water. Take advantage of social media by understanding and using the different platforms correctly.

Create a Facebook artist page to write about yourself. Include things like why you started, what you’re looking to accomplish, why you’re so passionate about music, the lyrics to your songs, the music files themselves. The more information you share, the more you bare your soul, the more people will fall in love with who you are.

On Instagram, showcase your lifestyle. Load it with pictures of you doing your music stuff – playing a gig, hanging out with band members, taking care of the business, enjoying time with family and friends. As a future celebrity, you need to let other people into your life by giving them a window to see you through. This will make them gravitate toward you because you’re real.

On Youtube, push your music. Load the live and edited versions of all your different songs, do covers of famous ones, interact with people in the comment sections. Make sure people know who you are by putting yourself out there. Comment on things by other artists and look for opportunities to collaborate on music. Even if you get off to a slow start on your own, you can always piggyback someone else’s song as long as you help them too.

Women Enjoying Music

There are many ways to get yourself out there, but it will never be easy. Don’t kid yourself that it will. People who say things happen overnight are lying to your face. The people who become successful are those who keep going, no matter the odds until they win. If you put in the work to get yourself out there and keep going, your time will come. Displaying talent is a process, not a destination.

Some of our next articles will dive into the business aspect of the music business, so stick around for more really soon.