Advertise On Your Car

On thing I’ve learned being in the music business is that your popularity isn’t just based on talent. It also has a lot to do with exposure. You can be the best sounding artist on the planet, but if no one knows you exist, they don’t hear your music. If they don’t hear your music, you’re not going anywhere. That’s why I recommend advertising on your car. It’s an easy way to get people to see who you are and want to learn more about your business.

Living and working in Phoenix, there are tons of companies that can help you with marketing your business, but I only trust one of them, AZ Car Wraps. Their car decal advertising on my commercial fleet was creative and generated phone calls. AZ Car Wraps installed bright red chrome, premium vinyl wraps for 13 commercial cars and trucks in total. The uniqueness of the wrap was nothing short of impressive. They have an in-house designer who helped me create a look that stands out, has all of our business information, social channels, and a phone number. For a few thousand bucks, my entire business has an image in the local area now. People see the cars and trucks driving by and they know that it’s my crew and I. The visibility it’s given us is great, and I can’t thank AZ Car Wraps enough for their work. I’d recommend their vehicle wraps to anyone. Speaking of wraps, we’re going to have our building wrapped by them soon too since they’re branching out.