Bought My First Home

As you all know, last year I started advertising on the side of my car to boost my name recognition. I was about to give up after a month of no calls when one came in. It was a huge record label that had heard my songs on YouTube and wanted to make a deal with me. That record deal was worth $365,000! I took that money and I purchased a big house in Nashville, TN with my girlfriend shortly after signing the contract. The house was new, but the concrete patio in the backyard was old and faded. It also had some cracks where the ground had shifted the slabs. Concrete repair seemed like it would be easy to do, so I went to home depot, bought some cement, and attempted to fix it myself. We quit using our patio after a friend tripped and fell at a backyard party we were hosting. We shuddered to think what would have happened if she had broken her leg rather than just skinning her knee. We could have even been held financially accountable for the hospital bill. Furthermore, we didn’t want our friend to suffer. We didn’t want to risk anyone else getting hurt, so we decided to leave the concrete flatwork to the professionals and have the concrete re-poured. I called 6 patio builders and 11 concrete companies. Then we scheduled an estimate through the Nashville Concrete Contractors’ website to get the concrete patio repair cost. The patio pricing was lower than I expected, so we hired them right away to get it done. Their concrete service was affordable, the contractors did quality work, and they cleaned up before they left. Now, we have a beautiful stamped concrete patio in the backyard and I’m proud to say I did not do it myself. Lesson learned, pay the pros.