Can Sex Appeal Promote Nightclubs?

Can sex appeal promote nightclubs? You bet it can, if you tailor it to the audience correctly. The typical nightclub make it’s money from the cover charge and drinks, but there’s a fine line between reasonable and expensive. Promoting sex appeal can blur that boundary a bit.

Let’s say for example that a night club in a popular area starts out at $10 a head. That’s not a bad price. There are some other comparable bars in the area, but people want what they want, so they go to this club. Increase the fee to $20 at the door and people start to think differently. Why should they pay the price of 2 strong drinks just to get in when other clubs and bars nearby don’t have a cover? Sex appeal is the reason, and it’s the answer to this problem. But how does it work?

The easiest way to use sex appeal to promote your nightclub is use social media. Just remember the key elements – less clothes and hotter people. You could create an Instagram hashtag and host a contest where the sexiest picture wins a free bottle. You could bring in a star DJ and have a wet t-shirt contest on stage. One Portland club took a more stealthy approach. They direct messaged a plethora of gorgeous women on Facebook in the area and offered them free VIP entrance and free drinks all night just to show up. Then, they live streamed these girls dancing inside the club. When the guys saw who was there, they came to the club in droves and paid more than $25 a person. They didn’t care because sex appeal sells. All of Portland’s premier nightclubs use this type of creative marketing to get more customers in the door. Crop tops, push-up bras, leather skirts, and fishnets can automatically raise the profile and status of your club if people know about it. Post the hottest pictures to social media and entice people to like, comment, and share it for the best results.