Can Sex Appeal Promote Nightclubs?

Can sex appeal promote nightclubs? You bet it can, if you tailor it to the audience correctly. The typical nightclub make it’s money from the cover charge and drinks, but there’s a fine line between reasonable and expensive. Promoting sex appeal can blur that boundary a bit. Let’s say for example that a night club […]

Advertise On Your Car

On thing I’ve learned being in the music business is that your popularity isn’t just based on talent. It also has a lot to do with exposure. You can be the best sounding artist on the planet, but if no one knows you exist, they don’t hear your music. If they don’t hear your music, […]

8 Tips for Displaying Talent

Register Your Band on Popular Sites The most gifted singers and songwriters are invisible to the world without a little help from the internet. Use the world wide web to your advantage by registering your band on popular sites like SoundCloud. These websites allow you to create a profile and showcase your music for everyone […]