Top 7 Music Careers for Music Lovers

Loving music isn’t such a difficult thing to do but there are some people who just loves music more than everyone else does. Does this sound like you? You love music so much that you are now considering making a career out of it. Music industry careers is not just becoming a singer or a performer. There are other professions that you can explore in the realm of music. Here are several of your top choices: 

If discovering new bands and musicians gives you the most thrill, then becoming an A&R (which stands for Artist and Repertoire) Representative is suited for you. You will be going to concerts, music festivals, open mic events, scouring social media sites for yet undiscovered musicians, and hold auditions to scout for talents who you will then be working with to produce albums for recording companies.

If you enjoy well-arranged music and well-written lyrics and want to try your hand at these, then become a composer or a songwriter. First, practice a lot and possibly get a degree in music to become a musical composer. For lyricists, build a repertoire of written works to get started.

Musical instruments are important and if you are the kind of music lover who can appreciate them, then perhaps you will also be able to fix damaged parts or turn them into completely anew.

Another exciting albeit challenging career in the music industry is to become an event organizer for music festivals and concerts. You may have certain opinions on how a perfect concert or festival should be like and by organizing one, you are able to apply your creative ideas. Other tasks for this career include booking talents, booking venues, employing designers, providing security, and the lot.

Many therapy methods employ creativity and one of these is music. You will be helping other people, giving them counsel, and processing their problems with the aid of music. A degree in Psychology and an undeniable love for music and belief for its healing power are the most important requisites.

Is it your dream to help good musicians fulfill their dreams? Then why not start your own record label? You will be arranging everything for the artist – from the conception of a musical album, to its creation, to marketing, to distribution, to promotion, to live tours, and so on. The music industry is a lucrative business that you can go into with enough passion for music.

Being a music teacher can be a demanding career in the music industry. You need to keep practicing and improving your musical skills and knowledge and you must have a never-ending well of desire to share such musical knowledge to soon-to-be musicians.

Combine your love for traveling and music by becoming a roadie. A roadie is any professional – whether a sound technician, set designer, backup dancer, instrument fixer/tuner, lights operator, etc – who works with musicians who are going on tour. You will be basically living on the road and going to concerts every night.

Perhaps you are a good writer who also happens to be a music lover. Document the music scene by reviewing the latest music, meeting and interviewing musicians and producers, covering to music events such as festivals and concerts, and investigating and writing in-depth music industry stories. This music career will open you up to another dimension of music. This is the most obvious pick when thinking of a career in the music industry. If you love music as well as creating it, then you go and be a musician. However, a good musician does not only require music savvy, they must also have charisma, dedication, rapport with other people especially with their team, and many more.