Reputation Management

online marketingBright Past Reputation management is a tricky business in a post-Internet word. Internet marketing has drastically changed in a post-Internet world. Marketing used to be a whole campaign that involved signs, commercials, flyers and word of mouth. Marketing still is a whole campaign, but it is different today. Now not only can you have signs, commercials, flyers and word of mouth, but you can have ads on internet pages, email marketing and other ways that you can communicate with others using a computer or any other mobile device now.

Internet marketing means that you can have ads on various websites and monitoring how much traffic that they generate. The traffic you get from blogs and other websites is something else too. There are millions of webpages on the internet and more being created everyday. You can also have as a marketing campaign, an ad that can be put into websites to pay for clicks and other leads. There is still room for flyers, ads and commercials. Even though Wal-Mart has a commercial, They still send out flyers. They still have web ads that they want people to click on so they can get customers.

This is the same with many retailers. Sears still runs ads as well as commercials. There would be much less junk mail if they didn’t have any mailers or ads, but they don’t. The companies that send out flyers want to keep their marketing platform for their older customers. (Think the 65+ older generation or those that don’t have computers generation of people.)

Marketing also means that you have to make sure where you are present on the net, you have to create a sense of urgency for these customers to want to come to your store. Whether it is for low prices, to making customers understand you have a unique and never before seen product, then you need to tell them about it. Communication is the name of the game when you talk about Marketing. If a person has a product no one has seen, then you need to let them know.

reputation managementThis depends on the demographic. If you want the younger crowd in on the item, maybe text, email or offer them a small item if they come in during that time period. This is but one aspect of marketing. This is how some of the big names in the retail industry got their brand established and were able to communicate to customers about their products.

Marketing isn’t an easy process, but once people know about the company and what it stands for, people will be more likely to go to that particular store for their needs. There will be someone for example that needs a hardware fix. Well he recently saw a Lowe’s ad in the paper. That might be his first thought is to go to Lowe’s because of his need for home improvement stuff at a low price. This person might look at Lowe’s and buy something. The habit is created though and then, if something else breaks, then the person might become a repeat customer. For all we know, in their mind, Lowe’s might be the only choice when it comes to home improvement.